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Kitchen Remodeling Long Island

Kitchen cabinets and more.

Years ago the kitchen was that space only for cooking and eating. Now we conceive and live in a completely different way, giving shape to spaces and with their own personality. Today it is a key piece in the home and we make it a much more integrated place in the global design of a home. In this article we are going to talk about trends in kitchens in 2019.

The Collection is a set of models, products, details and solutions: a large "abacus" of elements compatible with each other, to project, compose, make, happily solve real and everyday demands.

The aim has always been to carry out lasting projects, anticipating and at the same time overcoming fashions. Projects capable of generating, each time, the perfect, desired kitchen.

Because a project can be perfect only if it has the wisdom to respond to what it has been called into existence, synthesis of conjugated values, from the raw material to its concretion, capacity for interaction between the elements and their function, we strive to share passion daily in every project.

Modern houses are increasingly betting on open spaces and connected environments. Thus, the barriers between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are tending to disappear in recent years and 2019 will maintain this trend towards the 'open space' in homes. Therefore, the kitchen becomes a part of the living room, being much more than a space that seeks functionality.

The kitchen has been one of the family spaces shared for several years, where it is allowed, not only to eat, but also to work or rest in it. They are designed to allow spaces to be shared and offer more versatility and design flexibility.

It is no longer strange that they present themselves openly to the room, giving rise to a more social stay, where they can share with family and friends moments that otherwise could not be lived, such as talking to the bar while taking a wine glass and the experiences of the day are exchanged. Therefore, since the kitchen has become a multinational room the decoration and design becomes more important and each time occupies a more important role in our life styles.

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